25 Ağustos 2015 Salı

The series features four main characters. Tayo (Bus 120, blue) is a playful and sometimes mischievous. Rogi (Bus 1000, green) is his brother and best friend, although the two often get into fights with each other. Funny and mischievous himself, Rogi also has an interest in detective work, as can be seen in "Rogi the Detective!" (Season 2, episode 10) and "Prank Call Madness" (Season 2, episode 22). Both friends resemble a Hyundai Super Aero City.[citation needed] Lani (Bus 02, yellow) is youngest of the four. She is cheerful and kind. Possessing little tolerance for arguments, she often acts as a mediator between Tayo and Rogi. The main cast is rounded out by Gani (Bus 1339, red), who is hardworking, warm-hearted, and shy. He is the oldest of the four.

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